Meet The Team
Fred Clark Allen Hamilton Anthony Carrion Joseph Hutchins Alison Semichy Filiberto Gasca Juan Sandoval Dominic Bruno Ernesto Ramirez-Macias Roberto Cruz Javier Ayala Jr. Audrey Sullivan Arturo Tomayo Sergio Lopez Solorio Arturo Lopez Solorio Kirstin Sullivan Roger Cornwell Fidencio Garcia Baltazar Villa Javier Ayala Javier Lopez Solorio Jorge Delgadillo Eleazor Sanchez Jose Leon Miguel Cuevas Benito Gamino Gonsalo Mendoza Alfonso Garnica Eduardo Borges Ralph Murillo Hector Orozco Crispin Murillo Alfredo Roa Vicente Ayon Jose Derian Berber Leon John Godinez

Fred Clark

Warehouse Supervisor

Fred assists the Warehouse Manager with handling and drying rice as well as all maintenance and upkeep at the Tyndall mound warehouse, he joined the team in March 2012.

Allen Hamilton

Orchard Supervisor

Allen is responsible for Walnut orchard development and production, and has been a part of the team since September, 2015.

Anthony Carrion

Warehouse Supervisor

Anthony joined the team in August 2016, and is a warehouse maintenance and operations worker at the Tyndall Mound Warehouse.

Joseph Hutchins

Tyndall Mound Warehouse Manager

Joseph manages all warehouse operations, coordinates storage, drying and shipping services with outside growers. Joseph joined the team in July 2005.

Alison Semichy

Tyndall Mound Warehouse Admin

Alison handles scale operations and logs information on incoming and outgoing loads of medium grain rice, and assists with compliance and record keeping duties. Alison joined the team in January 2020.

Filiberto Gasca


Filiberto assists with open ground irrigation, handles filter and booster stations for subsurface drip irrigation in the sunflowers, alfalfa and other field crops, and runs the harvester for rice harvest. Filiberto joined the team in March 1988.

Juan Sandoval


Juan is a contract laborer who handles alfalfa and furrow irrigation, diligently follows the alfalfa harvest rotation with irrigation water to keep the harvest cycle on time throughout the growing season.

Dominic Bruno

Assistant General Manager

Dominic assists the general manager in overseeing the day-to-day operations of River Garden Farms and joined the team in April 2018.

Ernesto Ramirez-Macias


Ernesto works seasonally in our tractor operations department, surface irrigation in the orchards, and assists in our management and irrigation program. During harvest, Ernesto is an expert at the shuttle truck, running nuts from the orchard and loading trucks. Ernesto joined the team in April 2014.

Roberto Cruz

Truck Driver

Roberto is responsible for moving crops produced by River Garden from the field to the buyer, and rice from the field to the Tyndall Mound warehouse. He also serves as a blade hand and runs grader before and after irrigations. Roberto joined the team in February 1991.

Javier Ayala Jr.

Orchard Irrigation

Javier maintains and operates orchard irrigation systems, and joined the team in September 2018.

Audrey Sullivan

Senior Accountant

Audrey handles office operations and accounting and joined the team in June 2018.

Arturo Tomayo

Sprinklers and Restoration Project Maintenance

Arturo runs and maintains sold set and wheel line sprinkler irrigations for field crops, is responsible for irrigation and maintenance in restoration projects, and assists with irrigation water delivery and management. Arturo joined the team in April 2018.

Sergio Lopez Solorio

Truck Driver

Sergio hauls green rice to the warehouse and dry rice to the mills that buy from River Garden Farms, and hauls walnuts from the field to the huller/dryer in Woodland. He joined the team in May 2020 and works seasonally.

Arturo Lopez Solorio

Orchard Irrigation

Arturo assists orchard irrigation team with timely irrigation repairs and maintenance, and has worked seasonally since joining the team in April 2019.

Kirstin Sullivan

Accounts Payable Clerk

Kirstin joined the team in January 2020.

Roger Cornwell

General Manager

Roger manages all operations at River Garden Farms and joined the team in September 2002.

Fidencio Garcia

Equipment Operator

Fidencio runs tractor all season; from groundwork and cultivation in the spring, farm maintenance in the summer and groundwork in late summer and fall. He joined the team in April 2017 and works seasonally.

Baltazar Villa

Field Crop Supervisor

Baltazar oversees all pre-plant and in-season cultivation, supervises post-harvest groundwork, is responsible for moving tractors from field to field, coordinating operators and implement locations and staging, in-field repairs and maintenance. Baltazar joined the team in September 2018.

Javier Ayala

Orchard Irrigation Supervisor

Javier supervises orchard irrigation employees, is responsible for irrigation timing, fertigation and applying nutrients through the irrigation and troubleshooting any irrigation issues during the growing season. He joined the team in September 2018.

Javier Lopez Solorio

Orchard Irrigation

Javier is responsible for checking sprinklers in the orchards to ensure uniform applications, repairs leaks or other issues and assists irrigation supervisor with applications. Javier joined the team in August 2019 and works seasonally.

Jorge Delgadillo

Equipment operator

Jorge runs tractor all year, specializes in implements that scrape and flatten, especially triplane pre-plant in the rice and in post-harvest groundwork. Jorge is integral at road maintenance, scraping headland areas. He joined the team in September 2010 and works seasonally.

Eleazor Sanchez

Equipment Operator

Eleazor runs tractor in the spring and early summer and excels at pre and post planting cultivation in row crops. He joined the team in June 2020 and works seasonally.

Jose Leon

Equipment Operator

Jose runs tractor for our field crops, cultivates in the spring and runs tractor for ground work in the summer and fall, and works in our specialty crop projects. He joined the team in March 2018 and works seasonally.

Miguel Cuevas

Equipment Operator

Miguel runs tractor pre- and post-harvest in all crops, and assists with headquarter and shop maintenance when not operating equipment. He joined the team in April 2020 and works seasonally.

Benito Gamino

Equipment Operator

Benito specializes in running planter, plants sunflower, corn safflower and other row crops. In the fall, Benito operates GPS guided leveling equipment, cleaning fields and preparing for the next season's rice and irrigated crop production. He joined the team in September 2007.

Gonsalo Mendoza

Equipment Operator

Gonsalo runs tractor for River Garden in the spring and summer, helps with maintenance at headquarters, and specializes in pre-plant and post-harvest work in the rice fields. He joined the team in April 2019 and works seasonally.

Alfonso Garnica


Alfonso works primarily with the orchard irrigation team. Responsible for changing sets and troubleshooting irrigation issues in the walnut orchards. Moves rice from the harvester in the field to waiting trailers. He joined the team in April 1999 and works seasonally.

Eduardo Borges

Material Application Supervisor

Eduardo performs many of the in-house material applications in the field crops, from dormant season weed sprays through growing season weed and pest sprays. He joined the team in September 2018.

Ralph Murillo

Farm Operations Supervisor

Ralph oversees, coordinates and supervises all the moving parts that make up a large modern farming operation. From safety meetings to equipment scheduling to truck logistics, he oversees department supervisors. Ralph joined the team in March 1981.

Hector Orozco

Equipment maintenance and Servicing

Oversees daily service and routine maintenance on all equipment. He joined the team in May 2017.

Crispin Murillo

Groundskeeper and Maintenance Supervisor

Crispin heads landscaping at the farm and handles light repairs at headquarters and Tyndall Mound. He joined the team in September 1990.

Alfredo Roa

Planting Supervisor and truck driver

Alfredo supervises planting of all row crops, monitors planting moisture, calibration, seed populations and progress after planting in the sunflowers, corn, safflower and other row crops. Alfredo joined the team in September 1989.

Vicente Ayon

Equipment Operator

Vicente drives tractor for preplant rice preparation. Once rice is planted, he moves into harvester maintenance, then drives harvester during wheat, safflower, sunflower and other row crop harvest seasons. Vicente plays a key role in the egg salvage program, finding nests while driving the harvester. He joined the team in May 2017 and works seasonally.

Jose Derian Berber Leon

Rice Team

Jose helps rice supervisor with rice production, irrigation and flooding, herbicide applications, in-season water management, and rice related equipment maintenance. He joined the team in April 2020.

John Godinez

Rice Supervisor

John supervises all parts and workers in rice production, from coordinating seed delivery to the air strip, water depths at planting through herbicide applications by ground, and finally, harvest equipment and harvesting. John joined the team in February 2013.