Audobon has published an article on its blog showcasing River Garden Farm’s efforts to benefit wildlife through our various on-site projects!

Farming for birds at River Garden Farms

The Yolo County farm finds innovative ways to benefit wildlife on its property

It’s certainly not unusual to walk onto a farm and see a bunch of young people working the soil. However, it is unusual when the young people aren’t actually farmers, and they’re not planting things that are, technically, crops.

But that’s what you would have seen a few months back on River Garden Farms in Knight’s Landing in Yolo County. The young people in this instance were students from Woodland High School, and they were planting native oaks, sycamores, cottonwoods and box elder trees along an unused riverside corridor through the property. Audubon California and the Center for Land-based Learning teamed up on the project to build conservation skills among the students while providing habitat corridor across the farm.

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