Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA 3 reports on this “troubling outlook”, and the efforts that are being done by River Garden Farms (with our Salmon Rearing Habitat project) and others to reverse the trend. 

UC Davis: Nearly half California salmon at risk of extinction in 50 years

Yolo County farmer provides unique piece to larger solution

UC Davis released a troubling outlook for native California salmon, noting that nearly half of the state’s species will become extinct by 2067 unless changes are made.

The bleak forecast increases to 74 percent of species extinction in the next century.

The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and California Trout chronicled the potential future of 31 species of California salmon, as well as steelhead and trout, in a 106-page report.

California is home to the most diverse species of salmon in the continental U.S.

“They’ve been around for at least 50 million years and these fish have been arguably through a lot more,” one of the authors, Dr. Robert Lusardi, said. “The reason they’ve always been able to persist is because of that inherent diversity that they have within their populations, and we just don’t have that diversity anymore.”

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