River Garden Farms is in the early stages of initiating a riparian habitat restoration project. Riparian habitats consist of woody vegetation and are found along rivers, creeks, streams and lakes. With assistance from the Sacramento River Forum, areas are being restored, protected and enhanced to provide habitat for native wildlife and insect species in harmony with our day-to-day farming operations. The elderberry plant, and its role as host to the federally threatened elderberry longhorn beetle, is one element of the project. As part of the first step, Robert Irwin, a Resource Conservationist with the Sacramento River Forum, came out to River Garden Farms to count and catalog every elderberry plant he saw, noting size and location. The information he collected will help us to establish our “baseline” – the minimum number of elderberry plants that we have committed to maintain. As time goes on, we will have flexibility in the locations of the plants and the number of supplemental plants, but we will never fall below our baseline count.