We are excited to report that over the last couple of weeks, construction has been underway on our Salmon Rearing Habitat Structures!

David Vogel with Natural Resource Scientists, whose concept the structures are based on, met with Bret Ashford and his construction crew at Meyers Earthwork Inc. earlier this month to begin the process. Each and every boulder was evaluated to agree on the orientation for ultimate placement in the complex river currents. They handpicked the best of the root wads and canopies that we’ve acquired over the past few months and stored at Meyers’ yard. David and the crew also worked out and clarified design details that were not obvious from his drawings. As the actual work began, they did a great job abiding and drilling by his specs.

As we are now several months into this project, it is thrilling to see the design drawings realized into actual assembled structures, and to be making progress toward their installation into the river!